Eye Exams

Comprehensive eye exams do much more than just determine prescriptions for your eyeglasses. They are also to check the health of your eyes. Optometrists examine your eyes as an indicator of your health, to see if they are working together properly, as well as to check for diseases of the eye. Eye exams are recommended for adults every two years. Children and seniors are encouraged to have their eyes tested every year.

Both of Optical Clearance Outlet’s locations have independent Licensed Optometrists that can perform eye exams.

Visit our Ottawa Street North location to have your eyes examined by Dr. Meera Jacob. Please call their office at (905) 548-0567 or email vision2020ottw@outlook.com to book your eye exam.

Visit our Upper Ottawa Street location to have your eyes examined by Dr. Patricia Hernandez or Dr. Sayda Salazar. Please call their office at (905) 383-2011 to book your eye exam.

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Eye Exam Room